Podcast: Steve Kerrigan, Candidate for Lt. Governor

I was very fortunate to have on the Manzi in the Morning Radio Program (980 am WCAP every Wednesday at 10:00 am)Steve Kerrigan, who is a candidate for Lt. Governor. Steve was the first announced candidate for that office, and came on to talk about his candidacy, some of the critical issues facing Massachusetts, and his work as President of the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, as well as his work as the Chairman of the Steering Committee for the New Frontier Network at the JFK Presidential Library. Some great talk about President Kennedy and the Presidential Library, as well as his work for Senator Ted Kennedy. His website is can be found here. www.stevekerrigan.org. He is on twitter @stevekerrigan. My thanks to Steve Kerrigan for coming on the show, and I look forward to having him on again in the future.


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