New Hampshire Casinos? Interview with Jim Rubens.

Manzi in the Morning (Every Wednesday 980 am WCAP AT 10:00 AM) had Jim Rubens, Chairman of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling on to discuss the potential for casino gaming in New Hampshire yesterday. Mr. Rubens has a strong anti-casino viewpoint, but comes at the issue armed with statistics and arguments that help to advance that position. In this segment we talked about the inclusion of casino licensing money in Governor Hassan’s budget, the size of the potential casino at Rockingham Park and whether that casino would be a true “destination” casino that would attract customers from outside New Hampshire, the “social costs” of gambling, and whether those costs would outweigh any potential tax revenues from casino gaming, and the types of jobs that a casino would bring to New Hampshire. Mr. Rubens also talked about the New Hampshire House budget, crafted by the Democratic majority, that omits the casino licensing money recommended by the Governor. Take a listen, as no matter what your thoughts on casinos you will be informed by the information provided. My thanks to Jim Rubens for taking the time to come on and give us his views. The website for his group is at

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2 Responses to New Hampshire Casinos? Interview with Jim Rubens.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Our Founders wining against big government trusen in our daily lives Jim Rubens I am in adults We’re not children that NH Big Government puts restriction on casino and slot mishears at Buckingham Park.The People in Salem voted for the allowing Casino at Rocking ham Park I am still disappointed with the NH House of Representative rejected the gaming bill for being passs. Sham on Coloration against Expanding Gambling Leader Jim Rubens Salem m NH


  2. Cathy Simpson says:

    Jim Rubens, you are the biggest idiot along with the rest of your disgusting Republican party, it’s men like you who make this world violent. You promote violence against women with stupid disgusting comments along with your equally stupid Todd Akins and Richard Mourdock. what a sick, sad excuse for a man all or you are. I only hope if you have wives that they leave you for a real man. If you are unlucky enough to have daughters I hope they see you for the scum bag you are…what a joke of a person you are.


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