Paleologos in the News

Suffolk University, and pollster David Paleologos, are in the news after an appearance with Bill O’Reilly on Fox. That clip is below.

A couple of days ago I posed a question, via twitter, for Paleologos, asking what views he had about the Presidential debate moving the needle in swing states. Here is our exchange.

@davidpaleologos When will we see some post debate swing state polling? Did the debate move the needle?

@billmanzi It has moved the needle in NC, VA, & FL from blue to red. Not comfortable with color changes beyond those 3 states at this point

So I beat Bill O’Reilly to the punch, getting David Paleologos to say that North Carolina, Virginia, and FLA have moved red on twitter. Now David is under attack, with the Daily Kos and others expressing indignation that he would appear to make the call on those three states a month before the election.

We have seen attacks on pollsters from the right, and now the left. Suffolk and Paleologos have a great record, and I think that giving Paleologos an opportunity to talk about those three states in more detail is in order before blanket condemnations are issued. Looking forward to some big Suffolk polling as we come down the stretch, and I hope to be able to talk to David about this and other issues right here on the blog at some point.

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