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The Essential Republican (Boehner) Dilemma

Republicans in Congress find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. As the President digs in on the issue of tax rates for the top 2% of earners the Republican Party seems to be imploding, unable to make … Continue reading

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The Circular Firing Squad, or Merry Christmas Democrats

Take a couple of days off from blogging only to return to the House Republican conference blowing themselves up. Just as they have done in the past the Republican conference, egged on by Eric Cantor, submarined their Speaker, blew up … Continue reading

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Republicans Begin Doublespeak on Budget Cuts

The House Republican majority has already begun to send mixed signals on just what it is they they would like to see cut, with the Republican leadership and the Republican House Study Committee appearing to differ greatly on what should … Continue reading

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House Republicans File “Detailed Budget”

House Republican’s yesterday filed a “detailed” budget blueprint in response to continued needling from President Obama that they were offering no alternatives. I have posted that document here so you can all see what is meant by detail. Glenn Thrush … Continue reading

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Cantor on Meet the Press

House minority whip Eric Cantor visited Meet the Press today, and I thought the appearance merited a look. Notice Cantor stumble badly when he criticizes earmarks, and then agrees that he has voted for thousands of them. Look how difficult … Continue reading

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