Romney on the Attack-Paul in the Back Door?

Mitt Romney sure is taking this Newt Gingrich thing seriously. He has unleashed a series of interviews along with a major ad buy paid for by a Romney SuperPac, with Gingrich the major target. Included in the Romney attack was the observation that

zany is not what we need in a president.”

As noted in earlier posts Gingrich has leads in three of the first four states, but certainly trails Romney in money and organization. Romney is now attempting to put that weight right on Gingrich, and at least in Iowa appears to be having some success. The newest Public Policy Iowa poll shows Gingrich at 22%, Ron Paul at 21%, Romney at 16%, and Bachmann showing signs of life at 11%. Ron Paul has been bombing Gingrich as well, but has had the advantage of not taking any return fire. With Gingrich now begining to sag under the weight of the Romney attacks in Iowa will Dr. Paul manage to sneak in the back door?

I think Gingrich is losing a grand opportunity for himself in Iowa, and a Gingrich loss there would have to be chalked up to his refusal to run a “consultant driven” campaign that actually organizes in traditional ways. A Ron Paul win certainly does not mean the good Doctor is going to win the nomination, but his stopping a Gingrich win certainly allows Romney to catch his breath and hope for a big win in New Hampshire. Dreams of an early Gingrich knockout blow to Romney go out the window, with a much longer slog for all on the horizon. And long slogs tend to be won by the candidate with the best organization and the most money.

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