Rush Limbaugh: Romney No Conservative

A first for this small blog. Rush Limbaugh, in all his glory, makes his first appearance. Rush points out that Mitt Romney “is no conservative”. The Rush man makes the point that “he hasn’t decided” who to support in this race, and he knows “many” of his listeners haven’t either. He accuses the Republican “establishment” of wanting this thing to be “wrapped up early”.

Of course Rush likes Mitt personally, but just can’t accept Mitt’s explanation that Romney Care was right for Massachusetts, but wrong for the country. He rejects the Romney individual mandate as a government intrusion, and is shocked to find out that Romney believes that human activity has contributed to global warming. The horror of it all! Can Romney win a race in the Republican Party with Rush saying he is not a true conservative?

Of course Rush poo poos Romney’s debate performance, saying that he wins by simply not making any errors. Looks like Romney needs to get to Rush Limbaugh’s studio to do some assiduous bum kissing, which you can expect shortly.

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