Nathaniel Connors Wins SOAR Award

Congratulations to Nathaniel Connors, who was recognized with the December 2010 SOAR Award.

Nathaniel Connors . 11/16/10


Scott and Janet Connors

Methuen, MA 01844

Currently enrolled in four Advanced Placement Course, including European History
Has made the Honor Roll every quarter the past three years
Scored a qualifying score of 3 on the Advanced Placement United States History Exam
National History Honor Society

Student Activities
High School golf, basketball and baseball
Relay for Life
Dutch Foreign Exchange Program

Community Involvement:
Volunteer at the Brue Blood Tournament
Assistant coach for the Massachusetts Elite AAU basketball team
Volunteer coach for the Methuen Youth Basketball Program
Participates in the Methuen Youth Baseball Program
Plays for the New England Storm in AAU basketball

Work Experience:
Referees for the Methuen Youth Basketball program
Referees in various Methuen basketball tournaments

Reasons for Recognition:
Nathaniel was chosen as the Social Studies Department’s recipient of the S.O.A.R Award because; he truly loves Social Studies and in particular United States History. Nathaniel has been an excellent social studies student who has distinguished himself academically in all four of his high school years at Methuen High School. He has been intellectually inquisitive and involved in all his social studies classes. His passion for history is evident because the time he spends on his own to learn more about subjects discussed in class. As a student, Nathaniel is not just a receiver of knowledge; he is an active contributor. Based on his credentials, there is no doubt he has a bright future ahead of him. He is a fine young man who is a credit to his family, friends, and teachers. For all of these reasons the Social Studies Department feels that Nathaniel Connors is most deserving of this month’s S.O.A.R Award.

Nathaniel Connors is December SOAR Winner

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