Rahm Makes the Ballot

Rahm Emanuel, after having been bounced off the ballot (for Mayor of Chicago) by an Illinois court, has been restored to the ballot by the Illinois Supreme Court. Rahm has led this race from the start, and is positioned to finish first in the preliminary election scheduled for next month. If he wins more than 50% he is elected, and he is knocking on that 50% door in recent surveys. Rahm is clearly a Chicago resident, and in my opinion deserved to be on the ballot. The Illinois Supreme Court was unanimous in its decision. A Rahm for Mayor video, featuring Bill Clinton, is attached.

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1 Response to Rahm Makes the Ballot

  1. Tina Conway says:

    No doubt he was entitled to be on the ballot. I can’t believe the lower court decided as it did. If that rule could possibly be considered appropriate, then every representative and senator that goes to Washington could no longer be considered to be a resident of their districts. I wonder if Illinois is so political that the politics reaches the court system? Scary, if that is the case, but luckily the state Supreme Court go it right.


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