The President on Tax Breaks for Offshoring

The President spent his weekly address talking about the tax code and business tax breaks he is pushing for. He also talked about Republican opposition to his attempt to stop tax breaks for companies moving jobs out of America. The Administration has taken cautious baby steps in its political promotion of economic nationalism, including the tiniest of steps with regards to Chinese currency manipulation that is hurting our jobs picture. As the Republicans are showing the President it is difficult to sell incremental change and intellectual analysis when the economic situation is so bleak. They are throwing out red meat that attacks things that people understand and intrinsically don’t like. Up to this point that approach has been more effective. And this country still has no industrial policy. Without strong policies designed to create jobs (even at the expense of free trade) we will continue the free fall we are in. Our market is still the one that pulls the world economy, providing demand for the great exporting nations while we borrow money to provide for their military needs. That paradigm is bankrupting us. And tiny incremental steps will not change that. Neither will a Republican majority.

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1 Response to The President on Tax Breaks for Offshoring

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Oh, I tire of this, Your Honor.

    Ive already told you many times what I feel about what is happening in our country.

    Our direction will be indicated on Nov, 2nd.

    Our President wrapped it up best in a clever summation. “If this were a car and you want to go forward you shift to ‘D’ (Democrat). If you want to go back you set the shift to ‘R’ (Republican).

    He did not finish the thought, though. He missed the part about after you shift to ‘D’ he missed the sign that said “bridge out”.

    Talk to you on the 3rd of November.



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