President Launches on the Chamber

The Democratic Party and the President, taking it on the chin from the Chamber of Commerce, have launched a counter-attack, broadly implying that the Chamber is using foreign money to finance the Republican Party campaigns it is supporting. The President attacked Karl Rove and his Cross Roads group as well as the Chamber, broadly implying that foreign money was involved. The counter attack has been fierce, with Karl Rove going on Fox and attacking the President for making “unsubstantiated” claims. The Fox clip below has that exchange after the Cantor-Wasserman start.

The Face the Nation clip also has the White House getting called on the accusation, but I think the larger point here is transparency. Should donors to participating groups be made public. In the past Republicans have advocated for a system of campaign finance that lifts donation limits but would make available to the public the names of all donors. The Chamber of Commerce definitely is not on board with that concept.

A blog posting over at the left leaning Think Progress got this ball rolling.

A link to the posting from Think Progress that makes accusations about the Chamber of Commerce and foreign money.

The New York Times article here.

Read the Washington Post story on the dust up with the Chamber of Commerce here.

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