Maybe the Best Campaign Video Ever

Here we have Republican candidate for Governor of New York Carl Palladino in a major dust up with journalist Fred Dicker. Palladino was objecting to coverage that included references to his ten year old daughter, the result of an admitted affair Palladino had many years ago. Palladino accused Andrew Cuomo of having affairs and expressed outrage that they were not being covered by the press. When asked if he could document such claims Palladino said he could, and would do so at the “appropriate time”. Wow! We posted on this race only a couple of days ago, talking about Palladino pulling closer to Cuomo. This should pretty much put that candidacy to sleep.

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3 Responses to Maybe the Best Campaign Video Ever

  1. Frank Raciti says:

    God bless Palladino, my kind of Italian.


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    The video has been removed. If Cuomo wins he will continue to Tax and Spend NY into more financial hell. It’s what you Dems are great at.

    You want proof? Barack Obama, your party leader, has created more debt in 19 months than the total accumulated from Washington to Reagan.



  3. Bill Manzi says:


    No question the debt has gone up. But under accepted economic principles during downturns government spending and debt go up. That is made up during the times of economic upturn, when you should run surpluses. I am a deficit hawk and even I accept that. But I am always intrigued by your criticism of current deficits. Republicans ran huge deficits in good times, and when I was critical of them you dismissed the deficit as insignificant. Now Republicans are critical, but when asked specifically what is to be done to balance the budget they refuse to say. They even voted AGAINST a deficit commission. Why is the right critical of Obama deficits while refusing to say what the right medicine is. Cutting taxes and adding a trillion or so to the deficit doesn’t strike me as being serious about deficit reduction.



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