Cuomo In New York (Tea)Fight

Andrew Cuomo, seemingly sailing towards an easy victory in the New York Governor race, has bumped into some turbulence, as Republican nominee Carl Palladino has pulled within striking distance. Palladino, who upset the favored Rick Lazio in the Republican primary, cannot be considered a conventional candidate by any means. In a recent interview he gave to AP, Palladino said if elected he would not be looking for compromise with the Democratic legislature. From the Washington Post:

“It’s not going to be pretty,” Paladino said of his time in office. “It’s going to be very confrontational.”

Palladino has taken some pretty tough stands, including a call to cut the medicaid rolls, and has been harshly critical not only of Cuomo but of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a long time Albany power broker.

In political terms, that’s meant lambasting Cuomo and others like powerful Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, whom he accuses of running the government like a dictatorship.

When asked how it would be possible to work with Silver should he be elected, Paladino questioned the assumption that he would at all.

“Why would I work with Sheldon Silver? He’s wrong,” Paladino said.

Palladino is tapping into a huge reservoir of bad feelings towards Albany. And even the Democratic Cuomo has campaigned on the need to “reform” the way Albany does business. And as an outside observer I think I can say that Albany has one of the most ineffective, dysfunctional legislative bodies in the country. They make California’s legislative body look good by comparison. Running against Albany politics is like being for mom and apple pie.

Rick Lazio has just announced that he will not run on the Conservative Party line, which opens up the right for Palladino. The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute has released a poll showing Palladino within six points, but a later Marist poll, which included Lazio on the Conservative line, had Cuomo up by 19 points. It is Cuomo’s race to lose, and he should pull through, but the totally outrageous behavior of the State legislative body is stoking real anger out there. Unfortunately it is a Democratic led Legislature.

Cuomo is now paying attention, and Palladino’s more outrageous comments and actions will be highlighted frequently in paid ads. Like the one below.

Read the Washington Post story here.

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