Suffolk Poll Governors Race

Channel 7 and Suffolk pollster David Paleologos released a Governors poll yesterday showing Governor Patrick still maintaining a lead over Charlie Baker, with Tim Cahill mired in third place, twenty points behind Baker. The results have Patrick at 41%, Baker at 34%, and Cahill at 14%. (At 14% Cahill at least is in double digits). Baker continues to suffer from an electorate that does not yet know him. Amongst voters that know both candidates Baker holds a slight lead over the Governor. But there is still some definition to be added to the Baker candidacy. And Paleologos thinks Baker needs to worry about adding that definition and not worry so much about Tim Cahill.

“Charlie Baker doesn’t need Tim Cahill (to exit the race) to win this,” Paleologos said. “Charlie Baker needs Charlie Baker to win this.”

On that Cahill issue the poll shows Cahill drawing more support from Baker, but not substantially more.

Should Cahill exit the race, 35 percent of his support would go to Patrick, while 46 percent would go to Baker.

So Cahill lives on, Patrick clings to the lead, and Baker needs to step up his game. Tonights debate could be pivotal. The latest ads are here, including a negative piece on Charlie Baker partially funded by the Democratic Governors Association.

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