Sarah Boyd Wins the September SOAR Award

The science department is extremely proud to present Methuen High School senior, Sarah Boyd, as this month’s prestigious science SOAR award recipient. Sarah has excelled in honors and advanced placement science courses for four years at Methuen High School, including biology, chemistry, and physics. A very diverse and well respected student, Sarah is the section leader in the Methuen High School Band and President of the Key Club. Sarah has competed in the Methuen High School Science Fair and has proudly represented Methuen at the rigorous Women in Science Competition at Bedford High School and the Women in Science and Technology Program at Boston College. In addition, Sarah is actively involved in the community as part of the Relay for Life and Festival of Trees. Last year, as a junior, Sarah achieved the highest possible score of a “5” on her Advanced Placement Biology examination. Currently ranked second in the senior class, Sarah is taking advanced placement English, advanced placement Calculus, and advanced placement history this year. Sarah’s top college choices include Roger Williams College, Gordon College, Fitchburg State College, and Keene College.

Sarah Boyd wins the September SOAR Award

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