President Obama on Special Interest Money

The President spent his weekly talk on special interest money and how it is impacting our electoral process. He is retaking some old ground here, but I am struck by his focus on two items.

1) Transparency: Why do Republicans oppose identifying the source of funding for political ads? We may all disagree about the impact and legality of corporate and special interest money (limitations, first amendment rights, etc) but it is hard to understand how anyone could oppose a provision that forces the source of these monies to be publicly identified.

2) Foreign Corporations: It is an outrage that foreign corporations are allowed to contribute in American elections. There has always been consensus on that issue. Now that consensus appears to be gone on the Republican side. Why would anyone believe that foreign corporations should participate financially in the American political process? I just do not understand that.

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1 Response to President Obama on Special Interest Money

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Transparency? President Obama is complaining about ‘LACK’ of transparency on the part of the Republicans. What a hypocrite.

    I’m still waiting for Obama to put the legislation for healthecare on-line for our review. I am now waiting for two Democrat promises Deval’s real estate tax reduction and Obama’s transparency ‘pledge’.

    Your Honor, with the Democrats owning the legislative and administration branches (and soon the judicial)why don’t your friends just pass a transparency law?



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