Scott Brown, Faux Pioneer

Governor Sarah Palin, in remarks broadcast on Fox News, correctly points out that while Senators like Scott Brown may be tolerated in Massachusetts, he would never be accepted up there in Alaska, where the pioneering spirit is dominant. And lets face it folks she has a valid point. I know that Senator Brown traveled the Commonwealth in a pickup, and had a great jacket, but who was that supposed to fool? Did we see, even once, a moose that he had hunted strapped to the top of that pickup???? I never did. And where were the rifles? He has been called out as an imposter on that issue by Sarah, and I reluctantly agree. But there is time for a swift and sure rebuttal by Senator Brown if he acts quickly. My suggestion is that he go on a varmint hunting expedition with Mitt Romney, after which his hunting and frontiersman bona fides would be firmly established. I know that cats everywhere are panicked at the idea! Would they be considered small game? They don’t even look like rabbits.

Please don't Shoot Mitt- I'm No Varmint

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4 Responses to Scott Brown, Faux Pioneer

  1. Jules Gordon says:



  2. Jim says:

    Actually, cutely creative — who knew the mayor had such creativity?! 🙂


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    As a man who is “cutely creative” you should know that senator Brown is a “squishy” Republican.

    During his campaign he told us he was a “he would vote his own mind”, meaning his voting pattern is Susan Collins like.

    Actually, I envy the Democrats whose politicians will commit hari kari for their constituents, even it means the end of a free America. Oh well, he’s still infinitely better than the alternative.

    I recognize that cat. Actually, that photo was taken last year when he found the health care bill passed.



  4. Ben Nevis says:

    Very clever Mr. Mayor. The picture of the cat, it is a tabby cat,is it not? The cat is a symbol for such qualities as Cleverness, Astuteness, Selective and secretiveness. Qualities all pols should have.


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