Whither Arlen Specter?

PA incumbent Senator Arlen Specter, considered a shoo in for the Democratic nomination for Senate just a short time ago, is on the ropes and fighting for political survival today, with Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak appearing to take the lead in the latest round of polling. That primary election is today. Specter, who converted to the Democratic Party when it appeared obvious that he would be ousted in a Republican primary, is now facing the same fate on the Democratic side, despite support from President Obama, Governor Ed Rendall, and much of the institutional party apparatus. But he has been stung by a very effective campaign by Sestak, who has painted Specter as an opportunist simply seeking to protect his own job. Reminding PA dems of the past support given by Specter to conservative Supreme Court nominees, to the war in Iraq, and to President George W. Bush has not helped Specter with his new “friends” in the Democratic Party. Specter is a wily veteran, and he has always managed to overcome difficult odds, but the gig may be up today for the eighty year old Specter. Recent polling also shows Sestak as the stronger candidate against presumptive Republican nominee Pat Toomey. Maybe Democratic voters will do to Specter what the “Club for Growth” never could while he was a Republican. Beat him!

Rasmussen on the PA Senate race.

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1 Response to Whither Arlen Specter?

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    He was nothing to anybody. Sad.



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