Cahill Strikes Back

Independent candidate for Governor Tim Cahill responded to the attack by the Republican Governor’s Association yesterday by releasing an internet video decrying negative attacks, and by placing the blame for the negativity squarely on Charlie Baker’s shoulders. Cahill, from the Globe:

“Something must be wrong with the Baker campaign if they need to spend a million dollars on negative ads seven months before the election,’’ Cahill said yesterday. “It’s unprecedented.’’

Governor Patrick also responded to the ad, which targeted him as well:

“The Baker campaign’s negative attacks are disappointing and sad,’’ Patrick’s campaign manager, Sydney Asbury, said in a statement. “We are just starting to recover from the global economic crisis faster and stronger than most other states, and we need Governor Patrick’s continued strong leadership and proven results, not more negative TV ads.’’

While Patrick did weigh in the main battle is between Baker and Cahill. And the Governor just has to love that dynamic. The Baker campaign later put out a video mocking the Cahill response, essentially calling Cahill a Scott Brown wannabe.

Read the Globe story here.

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2 Responses to Cahill Strikes Back

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    That was a lousy ad. When are the Republicans going to learn they can’t compete with Democrats when it comes to sleaziness?

    Charlie better wake up.



  2. Bob LeBlanc says:


    Cahill should have been true to his roots and remained in the Dem Party..he would have gotten at least 40% of delegate votes .. won in September…and become Governor in November…unless of course his pal Doug Rubin actually put him in the race as an Independant to be a spoiler and allow Deval to win re-election with 38% of the vote..


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