Nathan Gioacchini Wins April S.O.A.R. Award

Congratulations to Nathan Gioacchini for winning the S.O.A.R. award in April. He is an outstanding young man with a great future.

It is an honor for the physical education department to nominate Nathan Gioacchini as this year’s S.O.A.R. Award recipient.

Nathan is a bright and articulate young man for whom it has been a pleasure to teach over the last four years. He is a great student who is respected by both his peers and faculty as being a young man of integrity, pride and class. Regardless of the situation, Nathan always remains poised, positive and enthusiastic he is a role model for other students to strive to emulate. Along with physical education class, Nathan currently carries a course load of AP Physics, AP English Literature, AP Calculus, AP Biology, Level 4 United States History, and AP Enhancement.

Nathan is always prepared for class and he can be counted on at any time to assist or initiate at the onset of any new activity in class.

The physical education staff wishes him well as he enters his freshman year at either U Conn or Purdue University next fall and is confident that his attitude and energy will bring him continued success in the future.

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