Elsy Naveo is March S.O.A.R. Award Winner

Elsy Naveo

Reason(s) for Recognition: Elsy Naveo is currently enrolled in French IV Honors at Methuen High School. This year, she was inducted into the French Foreign Language Honor Society for outstanding performance in the language. Elsy is a highly gifted student of foreign languages. A native speaker of Spanish, Elsy chose to high road four years ago as a freshman, by enrolling in and pursing studies of a third language. She has continued to develop her proficiency in French over the last three years. Elsy’s exceptional strength and talent for languages is clearly demonstrated by her achievement on the Spanish SAT subject test on which she achieved a perfect score of 800.

In addition to her work in Honors French, Elsy has challenged herself to pursue studies in AP Chemistry and AP English. On top of the demands of these rigorous courses, Elsy works twenty-five hours a week at Holy Family Hospital to make money for college and to contribute to her family. Whenever asked in French to talk about what she did over vacation or the weekend, Elsy’s response always includes work at the hospital and schoolwork.

In an effort to promote diversity and to assist students of other languages in their adjustment to Methuen Schools, Elsy participated in the multicultural club last year. Her efforts to be of service to her community have extended beyond the walls of the high school into the greater community as well. As a volunteer for the YMCA, Elsy promoted health programs for women in the Lawrence community and as a member of the Youth Group of St. Mary of the Assumption, Elsy participated in fun raising activities as well as food and clothing drives for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

For these reasons, the Foreign Language Department is proud and honored to offer the S.O.A.R. award to Elsy Naveo.

Elsy Naveo is the March SOAR Award Winner

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