President Obama in Boston

The President swung through Boston to help Attorney General Martha Coakley yesterday, giving a boost to the campaign in its final days. And what a final few days it has been. Chris Cillizza over at “The Fix” has estimated outside group spending to be close to $5 million dollars coming down the stretch. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is pouring in $1.6 million dollars, giving Martha Coakley about a $1 million dollar advantage coming down the stretch from these independent ad buys. Scott Brown will benefit from ad buys from the Tea Party Movement, the Chamber of Commerce, as well as some smaller Republican leaning groups. And Cillizza is also pointing to Charlie Cook (Cook Political Report) making the following call:

“Given the vagaries of voter turnout, particularly in lower participation level special elections, this race could still go either way, but we put a finger on the scale for Brown,” wrote Cook.

Given the closeness of this race the Democrats are pulling out all the stops. They know the stakes are huge for them, and those stakes extend far beyond passing the health care bill. A Coakley loss will reverberate nationally and set the stage for a very tough mid-term for the national Democratic Party.

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2 Responses to President Obama in Boston

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Yoour Honor,

    The president effect minor. He used many I’s in his plea for Marcia….er Martha. Don’t you wish your ‘friends’ would learn something about the candidates they support.
    So far the President’s effect are: Virginia=0, NJ=0 (in spite of 3 visits).

    Brown running a factual and honorable campaign while Martha is running a “throw all the dirt she can” campaign.

    I wonder how the snow will effect the election turn out.

    I hope to read you next entry which says “Brown Wins in a Landslide”. I kid. It will be close.



  2. Anne says:

    Well, considering I saw 4 ads in a row for Brown (only 1 positive, the rest negative) this is obviously not one-sided. As far as “factual”, it’s pretty easy in this day and age to verify the facts of these ads. I have, and perhaps Brown should peruse his legislative record in case he forgot some of the votes he made with in the MA legislature (and just because legislation never made it into the final bill – if you wrote it, you own it.)


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