Senate Race Heats Up

The U.S. Senate race has really heated up, with Scott Brown appearing to pick up campaign momentum, with the latest Rasmussen poll showing him pulling within two points of Martha Coakley. The sudden movement in the race has brought in the “top guns” from the national scene, and outside money has come pouring in. The Dems have unleashed a furious barrage of negative ads on Brown, with TV and direct mail linking him to the Bush/Cheney Administration. Brown has responded by bringing out his daughters to rebut a Coakley ad, and has raised a barrell of money himself, enabling him to compete on the airwaves.

The Rasmussen survey seems to reflect all polling in the sense that the race has tightened considerably. And Brown is benefitting from being in the Party that is out of power, and is seen as the insurgent in this race. His backers appear to be the most motivated, which in combination with what appears to be a strong lead amongst the unenrolled, has brought him back into this race. From Rasmussen:

Coakley is supported by 77% of Democrats while Brown picks up the vote from 88% of Republicans. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, Brown leads 71% to 23%. To be clear, this lead is among unaffiliated voters who are likely to participate in the special election.

71 to 23? If that number is anywhere near correct it must give some real pause for thought, regardless of the outcome of this election.

Chris Cillizza over at “The Fix” at the Washington Post, highlighted what appears to be a major Coakley problem. When asked whether her campaign had been too “passive” Coakley responded:

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands? This is a special election.”

Yes being cold is a major problem. God forbid it should rain.

Predictably Coakley has been endorsed by the Globe, and Brown by the Herald.
And the bad blood continues to build, with the Michael Meehan flap about getting physical with a reporter trying to question Coakley the latest cause celebre for the Brown partisans.

Much more to come. Here are some of the ads we have seen put up lately. There will be more to come.

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1 Response to Senate Race Heats Up

  1. Gerard Donahue says:

    Mayor Manzi:

    I hope we see a stunning upset for Scott Brown as he wins the election over the Democrat and Libertarian candidates by 2% points.



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