Suffolk Shocker: Brown Takes Lead

The latest Suffolk Poll showing Scott Brown with a four point lead over Martha Coakley has sent shock waves through the Senate race, bringing heightened national attention and continuing the trend that has brought Brown into this race when he should have been knocked out weeks ago. The sudden surge has sobered up the Democratic Party, who are now bringing in the top national guns in an attempt to salvage this race. President Clinton visited yesterday, and President Obama will take the time to visit this weekend. The health care bill hangs in the balance, with many other Obama initiatives perched precariously upon that 60th vote.

I continue to be intrigued, and shocked, by the mass migration of unenrolled voters away from Coakley in this campaign. These numbers portend huge trouble for our Party, and are reflected in the polling in the Governor’s race as well. It ought to be a wake up call and really needs to be looked at, before those numbers become viral. In the Washington Post I thought Mary Beth Cahill summed up what such introspection should focus on:

We will have to provide an answer to voters who think, “What about me?” We will have to make the case that the far-reaching legislative programs in energy, financial regulation and health care the party is pursuing will make the daily lives of Americans better, and that we see the changes as critical to the concerns of American families. …Right now, people can see the banks benefiting, but positive change in their lives seems to be far in the future even as the economy improves.

Not bad advice. I have attached the Suffolk survey marginals below.


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1 Response to Suffolk Shocker: Brown Takes Lead

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Back from Israel. The Scott Brown story is all over TV out there as well. Very heartening news.

    I assume you will be going to great the President on his emergency visit to our state.

    What do you think is happening in this blue of blue states?



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