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Truly Scary Deficit Numbers

Pete Peterson was on with Chuck Todd today, talking deficits and giving his view that any solution will require 1)spending cuts 2) entitlement reform 3) tax increases- He used some numbers that would come into play should a solution be … Continue reading

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President Obama on the Economy

The President on the state of the economy, with some hard shots at the Republicans. Obviously there are pretty severe disagreements, but lets look at some of the key points. 1) Should there be tax breaks for companies that ship … Continue reading

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The President on Deficits

The President used his weekly address to deal with federal government deficits, and some steps he now advocates to help deal with this burgeoning problem. The President highlighted a spending freeze, as well as calling for a bipartisan “deficit commission”. … Continue reading

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Deficit Commission Rejected

The U.S. Senate yesterday rejected a proposal that would have created a bi-partisan “Deficit Commission”, which would have had the authority to make recommendations that Congress would have been forced to vote up or down, with no amendments. The proposal, … Continue reading

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U.S. Debt to Soar

The debt load of the United States Government is set to increase by as much as two trillion dollars in the next year according to a report in the Washington Post. That debt will strain global resources as the United … Continue reading

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