Scott Brown on Leno

Scott Brown mania persists, with the Senator-elect doing a bit on the Jay Leno show. The Senator seems to have as much energy as he did in the campaign, making the rounds in Massachusetts and nationally, and really hitting the right political notes. He has energy for sure, and appears to be looking at re-elect positioning already. He continues to take a strong independent stance, indicating to the Herald that he will not be a rubber stamp for the Republican leadership in the Senate. Lets face the facts. Scott Brown has had a great post-election political run.

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2 Responses to Scott Brown on Leno

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    GOSH! Such honesty! One can only HOPE he dosen’t CHANGE. That Washington scene can be sooo corrupting.


  2. Bob LeBlanc says:


    Mayor F of Haverhill is crowing about the family connection of Pres Obama and Sen Brown..linking him to a guy named Singeltary allegedly from Haverhill…perhaps he actually lived in that part of Haverhill which is now METHUEN…..?????????????


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