Barney Frank Jousts at Harvard

Rep. Barney Frank jousts with a student on some of the issues we have discussed at length on this blog. Pretty good clip, and should start some conversation here.

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10 Responses to Barney Frank Jousts at Harvard

  1. Patrizia says:

    Barney Frank is a fat, arrogant, incompetent bully. A student asks a LEGITIMATE question and he responds like the asswipe that he is. I would’ve like to have asked him why Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are getting THEIR bonuses and NOT ONE WORD of it in the media. Where are the protests? Where’s Barney’s outrage about that? Why isn’t he demanding THEIR addresses? Oh ya, his BOYFRIEND works for them. And he’s probably one of those employees realizing said bonus. Couldn’t possibly invade THEIR privacy. He’s a hypocritical sak o’shit.

    My apologies to all the saks o’shit out there.


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    (From Pomona CA)
    Good old Barney, never answers the questions regarding his part in the recession. He attacks the messenger just as he did with Bill O’Reilly. I hope history treats him with the same stigmas he desereves. He won’t get it in Massachusetts.



  3. Fred Mertz says:

    ummmm … anyone notice that you don’t see the student ask the question, so you’re left to infer what it might be?

    Source: Fox News. Hummmmmm.



  4. Patrizia says:

    The student attempts to ask the question over and over and is constantly interrupted by that fat blowhard. And the question was: what level of responsibility does Barney Fwank have in the sub-prime crisis. Fwank, in his usual fat, belligerent, sputtering manner tried his best to shoot the student down by ranting, bullying, and spitting (with that undeniable Fwank charm). Can you imagine what that must have been like for the unfortunates in the first row? I think our Fred wishes that he were in that front row, the recipient of all that Fwank spittle.

    Fred wuvs Fwank.


  5. BOB LEBLANC says:

    Gee Mr Mayor your reactionary republican friends on this blog certainly contribute to intelligent discussion. Your opponent in the coming election should hope they constitute your campaign brain trust!


  6. Bill Manzi says:

    What do comments made on my blog have to do with my campaign brain trust? After all I have not censored your all out attacks against the Governor, Party Chairman Walsh, and Chief of Staff Doug Rubin. I have not even censored all out attacks against me. As I have repeatedly said you are free to give a point of view without me censoring it. Does not necessarily reflect the views of the blog owner.


  7. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    (From Pomona California, another bright sunny day).

    Great answer to Mr. LeBlanc. I hope he does’nt propose a “Fairness Act” bill.

    Good News; Politicians eat their own kind out here too.

    From a Reactionary Conservative Republican Friend, Jules.


  8. Jules Gordon says:

    To reactionary republican, Patrizia,

    Classic entries. Bitting and to the point.

    Funny, too.



  9. Patrizia says:

    Jules Rules!


  10. Fred Mertz says:

    Geezus, Patty, back up a little bit, I’m gettin’ drenched by that bitin’ intellect!



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