Marian Walsh Withdraws

Senator Marian Walsh today withdrew from consideration for the job at HEFA that had caused Governor Deval Patrick so much political heartburn. From the State House News Service:

Sen. Marian Walsh, standing next to Gov. Deval Patrick outside his office, announced Tuesday afternoon that she has withdrawn her name from consideration for a high-paying post at the Health and Education Facilities Authority. The HEFA board had voted to hire Walsh, a Patrick political supporter, to fill a long vacant assistant director’s post at a salary of $175,000. The move stirred public outrage and Walsh recently volunteered to take a $120,000 salary, a move that failed to quash sentiment against the hiring. Critics questioned her qualifications for the job, which was announced while Patrick was vacationing in Jamaica. The Boston Globe over the weekend published reports that Patrick administration officials had worked behind the scenes to engineer the Walsh appointment, moves that the governor’s opponents said were at odds with his campaign promises to clean up Beacon Hill. In withdrawing, Walsh said, “I feel that I have become the issue.” Walsh said she called Patrick chief of staff Doug Rubin Monday evening to announce her intentions.

It is a wise move for the Governor, and one that will help him extricate himself from this ongoing distraction. In this difficult economic climate the move was just not defensible, and the Globe releasing those internal emails provided the nails in this appointments coffin.

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5 Responses to Marian Walsh Withdraws

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I’m taking a poll: would anyone on this blog vote Deval Patric a second term.

    Fred, I would not be running against him so I release to answer without prejudice.



  2. Fred Mertz says:

    To be honest, he’s going to have to show me more over the next two years to win my vote back.

    What I told you before was serious. You may be a write in candidate …



  3. Jules Gordon says:


    What kind of a job would you like in a Jules administration?



  4. Bob LeBlanc says:

    There is no question but that Doug Rubin, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, added the Marian Walsh debacle to a long list of such ham handed controversies that has resulted in a deterioration of Gov Patrick’s standing and prospects for 2010 BUT no one ought to write him off just yet.

    Sen Walsh is among the most competent members of the Senate and she was qualified for this position which Republican Governors left vacant to the detriment of that important agency. The mistake was in trying to pretend that the process was independant of the Governor.

    Rubin did not trust the truth to win the day. He wanted the Governor to have plausible denialability. Rubin’s mistake was to leave fingerprints…an email trail that put the administration in a position of having lied!

    Frankly, the team of Doug Rubin and John Walsh ( who now is the $75,000 a year Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic State Commmittee) was competent enough to get Patrick elected… are they proving honest enough, inclusive enough and competent enough to convince anyone that PATRICK IS THE REAL GOVERNOR AND AN INCLUSIVE LEADER OF THE MASSACHUSETTS DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

    Marian Walsh could have brought about the merger of the state’s two economic development entities at a cost saving to the taxpayers and she could have re-energized the process. Losing Marian Walsh was the big loss for Deval Patrick not her appointment…the right move would have been to be out front and positive about the move.


  5. Bill Manzi says:

    And so it is all Doug Rubin’s fault?


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