Governor Patrick Responds to Suffolk Poll

Governor Deval Patrick responded today to the Suffolk/Channel 7 poll with a statement. The Governor essentially tells us that his job requires long term planning and he cannot be distracted by short term political considerations. From the Governor:

Governor Patrick has worked on long-term issues that will help us get through the current economic crisis, grow jobs, and secure our common economic future. He is tackling tough issues — including auto insurance reform, police details, health care, fixing our broken roads and bridges with the gas tax, and comprehensive ethics and pension reforms to restore public confidence — that will provide long-term benefits to the Commonwealth but also bring with them political consequences.
This focus on the long-term, rather than the next day’s headlines or poll results, will position Massachusetts to come out of the economic downturn stronger and better prepared to recover. Governor Patrick believes it is too early to focus on politics, and he is working 24/7 to do the job the voters elected him to do.

That is what he said he’d do when he ran and when the time is right to ask the voters for another four years, he believes they will see the benefit of having a Governor who does just that; and he looks forward to running on his record.

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1 Response to Governor Patrick Responds to Suffolk Poll

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    TOGETHER WE CAN…..not to be distracted by short term political concerns???

    Well the Gov first installed his campaign manager as Chair of the Mass Democratic Party
    subsequent to forcing the old chair to set up a deal by which the party would accept campaign contributions at $5000 a wack from well healed and “interested” another $500 for his campaign committee…a total of $5500….then the party pays all his campaign bills….and no other constitutional officer..or potential opponent ..has the same option…seems he is paying close attention and not distracted at all by short term considerations….the 71st Governor may be low in the polls..but he reaps thousands not from the grass roots but from those who need a Governor and his staff to be friendly…one does wonder why having done nothing from 2007 to terms of reform as promised..2009 is not now long term!


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