Obama calls Palin “compelling”

Senator Barack Obama congratulated Governor Sarah Palin on her selection as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate today, talking to her from his campaign bus. From the Washington Post:

Sen. Barack Obama told reporters Friday that he has never met Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the new GOP vice presidential candidate, but “she seems like a compelling person . . . with a terrific personal story.”

The Democratic nominee spoke to Palin for several minutes this afternoon from his campaign bus. According to senior campaign aide Robert Gibbs, Obama told Palin she would be a terrific candidate and that he looked forward to seeing her on the campaign trail. “He also wished her good luck, but not too much luck,” Gibbs said.

The right touch by the Obama-Biden campaign.

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1 Response to Obama calls Palin “compelling”

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    She is a fresh breeze from the north. She speaks clearly and succinctly.

    More experienced than Obama and Has as many electrol college votes as Biden.

    She won’t be a push over.



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