The Obama response

And after yesterdays post lets look at the Obama response. Effective? From Obama’s perspective I like the photo of Bush and McCain together, feeding into the “McSame” theme. Alternative energy proposals? Good visuals for Obama. Taking on big oil? A no brainer. Overall I give it a b+. I give McCain a c-.

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2 Responses to The Obama response

  1. ben nevis says:

    Mr. Mayor, did you happen to notice the quotes were from the NY Times, MSNBC, Time, and USA Today! All of them make up the OBAMA PRESS CORPS! What else could one expect.


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Ahhhh, your honor, a wonderful piece of garbage. Democrats don’t create tax cuts (see the result of past vote to cut (not eliminate) the tax rate. Democrats will raise our taxes. Obama will keep the oil in the ground, he will also punish business with confiscatory taxes that will effect job growth.

    Ben, I love the OBAMA PRESS CORP.

    What do you think, your honor?



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