Obama compared to Britney?

The McCain campaign continues to struggle with the Obama factor in this race. They have criticized the media for slanted coverage, and ridiculed his overseas trip, referred to him as “the chosen one”, and now they have taken the drastic step of comparing him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Now that is some plain out dirty campaigning! But with the levity aside it shows me that the McCain folks still don’t have a consistent message to try to tear Obama down. I may be wrong, but I see this ad as a waste of McCain money. What do you think? Is it in any way effective?

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7 Responses to Obama compared to Britney?

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Your first sentence, “The McCain campaign continues to struggle with the Obama factor in this race.”

    Pshaw. With all the adoration heaped on Obama, “the Magnificant” you would think that John McCain, “the Small” would be sinking in the polls. They are within four points of each other. I would think that Obama’s handlers are scratching their 300 heads. How can McCain be so close when he spoke before 4 people in a German restaurant while Obama “the Holy” was pontificating to the adoration of 200,000 young Germans.(He dissed his country and his President and his seemingly ignorance of history.)

    As you can see from the above, the “Chosen One” is a proper moniker for this fellow.

    The main stream media fawns all over this guy and still McCain is right behind his Magnificent. Even the lip locked media is now questioning his ego.

    The video leaves a simple message; Obama won’t drill for oil and attempt to lower the cost of energy. Obama will raise taxes and how.He will make our governor look like a tax conservative before he gets through with us.

    If you want to discuss this I have data that will show what will happen to us, tax wise. I saw nothing else in the video that can be considered a “dirty campaign”. No tearing down here, just plain old facts.

    Your Honor, show me where facts are wrong and where the “dirty” parts are. You are 100% wrong about this matter.

    By the way, why are you concerned about McCain’s choice of investment?


    I look forward to this discussion.


  2. Teacherlady says:

    I have to agree with Jules on this one (I’m guessing that doesn’t surprise you). Aside from the little Paris/Britney cameo, this ad states the facts and is a fairly effective attempt to lead the viewers beyond Obama’s star power and bring them back to the real issues at hand – taxes & foreign oil. Works for me.


  3. Bill Manzi says:

    Well!!!! My point on “dirty campaigning” was my attempt at humor, as being compared to Britney cannot be a pleasant thing. In any case I guess the effectiveness of the ad may depend on where your heart lies in this race. My analysis of it was not borne out of my support for Obama, but rather on whether it is effective politics. I deplored the “swiftboat ads” on John Kerry, but they were damn good politically, and left Kerry flatfooted. I just don’t see uncommitted voters being swayed by comparing Obama to Britney, and as I mentioned the McCain campaign has not arrived at a consistent anti-Obama message. In order to be effective you need to drive home an overriding theme relentlessly. I just have not seen that from McCain on any issue. Time will tell.


  4. ben nevis says:

    Bill, had you not identified Britney and Paris, those quick images would have puzzled me. Those two are shallow, the lack substance and so I think that is what the ad was trying to convey, that Obama is of that cleb type, that “there is no there there.”


  5. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Ben Nevis and the teacher lady get it. The references to the shallow ladies is clear to us who find the most magnificent to be somewhat haughty.

    His hubris needs modification.

    Some other failings were referenced; his leadership quality, his tax and spend plans as well as keep us from expanding oil expansion production.

    I refer you to my earlier entry above. Why isn’t Obama trouncing McCain?



  6. Bill Manzi says:

    McCain is still a popular figure with an outstanding record of service to his country. On top of that dems,even in winning years,cannot seem to win big.If Obama wins I do not think it will be by any more than he leads by now.but then again Jules Clinton won twice without achieving fifty percent.


  7. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Clinton’s win was from the effects of a third party candidates. By the way, one of the results of eliminating the electro college is multiple candidates.

    Now I see Obama is resorting to wining about his race (race card).

    I think Obama, the clever, should have kept his mouth shut. He’d be better off.

    I have the same feeling about McCain in certain situations.

    It’s still confusing to me: With the “Obama Media factor, the first black candidate factor, with his superior speaking style, etc. How can they be tied.

    Maybe it’s because his message is shallow and disagreeable.

    We got enough REAL issues that effects our pocket books (it’s the economy stupid). So he calls for more taxes, no drilling, and has a Nanny personality (Learn foreign language)

    McCain, low taxes, drill, drill,do your own thing as a free american (at least for a while.

    Could be the message after all.



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