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The Gore Speech

Al Gore gave a major speech last week on energy. I know that the Gore haters will flame this post, but Gore is breaking some important ground. And in anticipation of the criticism lets get right to it. It has … Continue reading

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Cahill moves to standardize design

State Treasurer Tim Cahill, in charge of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, has called for standardized design to be used for new school construction. The Cahill call for such use is in line with a long-standing request by Inspector General … Continue reading

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Methuen adds lacrosse

I have had numerous requests in the past year to add the sport of lacrosse to the outstanding menu of youth sports activities in Methuen. With a group of persistent residents nipping at my heels I have promulgated an executive … Continue reading

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Texas moves further ahead on wind

Texas, the national leader in wind power, has approved what is being described as the nation’s largest wind power project. From the Globe: Texas officials gave preliminary approval yesterday to the nation’s largest wind-power project, a plan to build billions … Continue reading

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Legislature Removes Municipal Retiree Cola

The legislative budget conference committee removed the provision that had been inserted in the Senate version of the budget that raised the base for calculating municipal retiree cost of living increases from $12,000 to $16,000. This prospective change, made without … Continue reading

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Mayor Sullivan blasts same day registration bill

Mayor Michael Sullivan of Lawrence blasted the state proposal to allow same day voter registration, saying that it invited fraud and was “ridiculous”. Sullivan’s comments are in todays Tribune, and highlighted another issue of concern to cities and towns, and … Continue reading

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Tables turned on Bill O’Reilly

Is there a bigger bloviater in the media than Bill O’Reilly? (Geez, I hadn’t thought of Limbaugh). Well O’Reilly had his producer out to do an “ambush” interview with Bill Moyers, but boy did the tables get turned on him. … Continue reading

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Financial Trouble for School Lunches

With food prices escalating sharply and fuel costs increasing delivery expense school lunch programs throughout Massachusetts are suffering deficits and being forced to raise prices. The Boston Globe featured this issue today amid problems in communities everywhere. From the Globe: … Continue reading

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The 9-c danger to localities

The Governor’s call for expanded powers to make budget cuts mid-year (the so called 9-c power) has the potential, if applied to local aid, to cause serious disruption to the operations of municipalities throughout the Commonwealth. The Governor’s request came … Continue reading

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The Obama Thrust on Iraq

Senator Barack Obama, in an op-ed piece in the New York Times, called for agreement with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki’s position that there ought to be a timetable for American troop withdrawal from Iraq. His plan, from the Times Op-Ed … Continue reading

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