Clyburn Assails Clinton

Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, the third ranking member of the House and a black leader nationally, assailed Bill Clinton for some of his conduct during this primary season. In a New York Times interview Clyburn made some points that could have impact beyond this primary season. From the Times:

One of the nation’s most influential African-American political leaders sharply criticized former President Bill Clinton on Thursday afternoon for what he called his “bizarre” conduct during the Democratic primary campaign.

Clyburn is hearing from his constituency, and what he is hearing is disturbing.

“black people are incensed over all of this,” referring to statements Mr. Clinton has made in the course of the heated race between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Clyburn mentioned past African-American support for President Clinton:

In an interview with The New York Times late Thursday, Mr. Clyburn said Mr. Clinton’s conduct in this campaign had caused what might be an irreparable breach between Mr. Clinton and an African-American constituency that once revered him.

“When he was going through his impeachment problems, it was the black community that bellied up to the bar,” Mr. Clyburn said. “I think black folks feel strongly that this is a strange way for President Clinton to show his appreciation.”

Clyburn’s assertions mirror some talk in the political community that the Clinton’s assaults have been designed to badly weaken Obama in the general election.

Mr. Clyburn added that there appeared to be an almost unanimous view among African-Americans that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were committed to doing everything they possibly could to damage Mr. Obama to a point that he could never win in the general election.

Some pretty serious stuff. If Clinton did become the nominee there will be the need for some serious fence mending with the African-American community.

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4 Responses to Clyburn Assails Clinton

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    It’s tough being America’s first black president.

    Seems to me it’s just folks like Clyburn and Clinton trying to support their candidates.

    Clyburns charge that,”Clinton’s assaults have been designed to badly weaken Obama in the general election” seems rediculous. After all that’s what you do to help your wife win the white house.

    The black communnity will flock to the winner no matter who it is.

    The main danger is the reaction of the black community if the super delegates choose Hillary when she is still behind in committed delegates.



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  3. ben nevis says:

    Rep. Clayburn’s comments or points as you call them, made me wonder, is there a threat in them? When I read phrases such as “black people are incensed…” and “…heated race…” in the same sentence I just wonder “what if” the superdelegates swing to Clinton, pulling the brass ring away from Obama. Clayburn: “…the black community bellied up to the bar…” for Bill now the community wants the favor returned and Hillary should step aside. I had a flashback of a “beatdown” in South Central Los Angeles, Reginald Denny and all that followed.


  4. Bill Manzi says:

    That may be standard thought, but please keep in mind that even if you are right and black percentages remain highly democratic a drop in black turnout will be a problem for the d’s. I forsee such a potential in the event of a Clinton nomination.


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