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Rep. Linda Campbell Starts Strong

With some talk of a primary challenge to her in the air Rep. Linda Dean Campbell started the campaign season strongly, getting the highest vote total of any candidate on the straw poll ballot at today’s Methuen Democratic Committee Town … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Reasons Romney Dropped Out

Mitt Romney gave his top ten reasons for withdrawal at the Correspondents Dinner in Washington. Not bad for a cardboard cutout.

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We Campaign Kicks off With Pelosi and Gingrich

The WE campaign of Al Gore has unveiled a new ad featuring former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and current Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It certainly is interesting to see Newt pitching for solutions to the global warming crisis. Link to the … Continue reading

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World Food Crisis

Both the Wall Street Journal and todays New York Times have run stories highlighting the severe problems being created by the inflation of food prices worldwide. From the Times: Haiti’s hunger, that burn in the belly that so many here … Continue reading

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You don’t need a weatherman

Although I did not have a chance to see all of the Democratic debate I was struck by the subject matter of the portions I did see. Worried about paying for college for your kids? Lets talk about Reverend Wright. … Continue reading

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Bush Surrenders on Columbia Free Trade Pact

President Bush indicated that the Columbia Free Trade Treaty is now “dead” and blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for its demise. From the Washington Post: President Bush said yesterday that a trade agreement with Colombia is “dead” unless House Democrats … Continue reading

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Methuen Ranger Band Parent Association Yard Sale

Giant Yard Sale After a long, cold, winter… The SUN has returned and it’s time to get outside ! The Methuen Ranger Band Parents Association will be hosting a Giant Yard Sale to help raise money for the Methuen Ranger … Continue reading

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Obama Trips

Senator Barack Obama continues to take heavy incoming fire for his remarks on small town voters, and has attempted to clarify those remarks in light of the political criticism. From the Washington Post: “I didn’t say it as well as … Continue reading

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Put a Muzzle on Bill

Bill Clinton, in an Indiana speech, managed to bring back an issue that Hillary had moved out of the news cycle by rehashing the reasons why Hillary “misspoke” on the facts surrounding her arrival in Bosnia. Not only did he … Continue reading

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U.S. Water Infrastructure Aging

A Washington Post article details the aging U.S. water infrastructure, and how a massive amount of investment will be needed to upgrade systems that in many cases date back to the 1800’s. The tunnel is leaking up to 36 million … Continue reading

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