PA predictions?

Time to put on your pundits hats and call the PA primary numbers today. Who will win, and by what margin? The bragging rights for the winner will likely make that person unbearable for months. I am taking the safe road, and predict a five point win by Hillary Clinton. Is there any chance that the pollsters will be wrong and Obama can win this outright?

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5 Responses to PA predictions?

  1. ben nevis says:

    Hillary will win by seven points. Yes there is a chance that the pollsters will be wrong.


  2. Chris says:

    I hope that Hillary wins by a large margin. She needs to prove to the super delegates that she is THE strong candidate.


  3. Derek Jackson says:

    I’ll go against everyone else; Obama will surprise with a 3 point win.


  4. mark snyder says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Hillary is in bed with the republicans and the combination of using fear and lies combined with small scale voter fruad will give her a significant win.

    Reports of voting machine malfunctions are already coming in from philly and other Obama strongholds – similar to New York where in part s of the city he got 0 votes.


  5. Bill Manzi says:

    Ben must take bragging rights, as the seven point prediction was the closest to the actual ten point margin. As far as my own prediction of a five point win I am reminded of my wife’s constant refrain, “wrong again Bill”.


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