The Mike Sullivan challenge

As some of you know the Latitude Sports Club is having the Merrimack Valley’s biggest loser competition, where weight loss is the game. This event, sponsored in part by the Valley Patriot, had Tom Duggan promoting it on WCAP when he indicated on air that Mike Sullivan, the Mayor of Lawrence and my classmate at CCHS Class of 1974 had challenged me to participate. From the Valley Patriot website

Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi; “Sullivan is Going Down!”
Both Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan and Methuen Mayor Bill
Manzi have been invited to participate in Latitude’s Merrimack Valley’s Biggest Loser weight loss competition and the gauntlet hs been thrown. “He will lose again,” Manzi said of Sullivan on WCAP’s Paying Attention! radio program Saturday afternoon. “Mike Sullivan is going to do what he always does in every competition we have ever had … come in second. I accept the challenge and I am telling you, Mike Sullivan is going down!” Manzi hinted that Sullivan might be “too chicken” to actually go through with the weight loss competition being held at Latitude’ sports club in Methuen. When we get an official word from Sullivan we will post it on line.

First dodgeball, and now this. Doesn’t the Mayor of Lawrence ever tire of finishing second?

For more information on this event go to

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2 Responses to The Mike Sullivan challenge

  1. D.J. says:

    I’m with ya on this one. Sullivan is French for “second.”


  2. Deborah Quinn says:

    You can do it Mike dont let the Mayor call you a second placer.


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