Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama

The Boston Globe is reporting that Senator Ted Kennedy will endorse Barack Obama tommorow, joining Caroline Kennedy and Senator Obama at American University in Washington to formalize the endorsement. This is a significant endorsement for Obama, as Ted Kennedy brings instant credibility with key segments of the Democratic base. It was Ted who energized the Kerry campaign in Iowa four years ago, lending staff and significant amounts of personal time to help Kerry to victory. I wonder if Ted’s reported anger over the rhetoric of Bill Clinton contributed to this decision? Will this decision impact the Massachusetts primary? Whatever the case it is a coup for Obama, and a clear setback for Clinton.

Read the Globe story here.

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1 Response to Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama

  1. D.J. says:

    I do think that this will make Massachusetts a closer-than-expected race. In the most recent poll, Hillary was ahead of Barack by a margin of 59-22 percent.


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