Guiliani to drop out, endorse McCain

NBC News is reporting that Rudy Guiliani, the former Republican frontrunner, will drop out of the Republican Presidential race and endorse John McCain in California on Wednesday. It is a nice pickup for McCain, and reflects the real disdain the other Republican candidates appear to have for Mitt Romney. Read the NBC News story here.

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2 Responses to Guiliani to drop out, endorse McCain

  1. D.J. says:

    Congratulations to Senator McCain on essentially locking up his party’s presidential nomination tonight. There is no way he can be stopped.

    Here are my Super Tuesday predictions on the Democratic side.

    Alabama — Obama (with Alabama’s significant African American population, I’ve got a feeling that Alabama will be a repeat of South Carolina)

    Arizona — Obama (he’s got the support of the popular governor, Janet Napolitano, which will help Obama here just as Crist’s endorsement helped McCain in FL)

    Arkansas — Clinton (with the endorsement of Governor Beebe, and a great deal of support from Bill’s days in Little Rock, I can’t see Hillary losing Arkansas)

    California — Clinton (since the Latino turnout in this primary will be so large, and Obama has been having such a difficult time getting their support under his belt, Clinton will be hard to beat)

    Colorado — Obama (Obama has a decent lead there in many polls, plus he has been making in-roads with the state’s popular senator, Ken Salazar)

    Connecticut — Clinton (New England is Clinton country)

    Delaware — Obama (Delaware is home to a significant African American population, plus Obama is very strong in the area)

    Georgia — Obama (see Alabama)

    Illinois — Obama (he’ll win his homestate, hands down)

    Kansas — Obama (he’s got the support of Governor Sebelius, plus he’s the only candidate who has made any effort in the state)

    Massachusetts — Clinton (I still think that Hillary will win Massachusetts. Obama will crush her in Boston and the Berkshires, but I can’t see him gaining a great deal of ground in the Merrimack Valley / Cape Cod areas where the winner will be decided.)

    Missouri — Obama (Obama has proven that he can win in the Midwest, and he will do so again on Super Tuesday)

    New Jersey — Clinton (New Jersey may be closer than expected, but Clinton will still sweep the Tri-State region)

    New York — Clinton (Obama may give Hillary a run for her money in the city, but there’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll prevail there and in the Upstate region as well. Plus, it’s her “home state.”)

    If Edwards is to have any strength on Super Tuesday, it’ll be in places like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, and possibly Alaska. I do think that Obama will win more states than Hillary one week from today, but there’s no question that she will run away with the bulk of delegates.


  2. D.J. says:

    The AP is reporting that John Edwards is dropping out of the race today at a 1:00 p.m. speech in New Orleans.


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