Pelham Street Interchange Improvements

I was pleased to host Massachusetts Highway Commissioner Luisa M. Paiewonsky as she visited Methuen to inspect the new access lane added at the Pelham Street Cross Street Route 93 Interchange. This lane was added to allow direct access to Rte 93 via a right hand turn lane, and it has already considerably improved the bottlenecks that were occurring at this location. Mass Highway added this project to the Rte 93 resurfacing project that was already underway. State Senator Steve Baddour and Representative Linda Campbell were on hand to join the Commissioner, and they both played a large role in getting Mass Highway involved in this project. We were able to partner with our State delegation, Mass Highway and the developer of the Irving site in this area to produce this great result. This partnership involved the City donating the house on the corner, Irving paying for the design, and Mass Highway paying for the construction. With some substantial economic development coming this was a project that was absolutely necessary. I thank Commissioner Paiewonsky and Linda and Steve for being so strong on this issue.

Pelham St

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