Harry Potter at the Loop

I had the pleasure of giving out the first new Harry Potter book at the Borders in Methuen at The Loop at midnight last evening. The Loop was hopping, and it seemed like thousands of people were there, enjoying themselves and waiting for a chance to buy this coveted book. Tom Duggan of the Valley Patriot and daughter Hanna, the ace reporter for Duggan’s Valley Patriot, were on hand to cover the event (and to grab a book). The coverage is at the Valley Patriot website . Visit the Loop website for a great shopping experience in Methuen.

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5 Responses to Harry Potter at the Loop

  1. hanna says:

    you are my favorite mayor! thank you!!!!!


  2. Mayor,

    Now do you actually read the Harry Potter books?


  3. Bill Manzi says:

    No I have never read any of the books or seen any of the movies. I am in the minority, but they just did not appeal to me.


  4. What were the last nonfiction and fiction books you have read, and/or what are you reading currently?


  5. Bill Manzi says:

    I am currently reading “Cape Wind”, which I had done a post on a little while back. I bought the Bob Shrum book “No Excuses (Concessions of a Serial Campaigner)” and will read that before summer ends. I have not read any fiction for some time, but remain fond of Mario Puzo’s “Fools Die”. I was thinking about highlighting some books from the New York Times Book Review that might be of interest to the audience. What do you think?


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