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Municipal Bond Tax Exemption at Risk

There has been plenty of talk about “tax expenditures” at both the federal and state levels, with all tax breaks under heavy scrutiny. One that has received a little attention, but deserves some more discussion, is the municipal bond tax … Continue reading

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CEO's Call For Budget Action to Battle Debt

A powerful group of big business CEO’s, under the leadership of Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, of Simpson-Bowles fame, has sent a letter calling for a solution to the debt and deficit problem in the United States. The letter calls … Continue reading

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The Scott Brown- Elizabeth Warren Debate

Here is the full video of the Senator Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren debate. Much to take out, but how about the resistance to Simpson-Bowles by Scott Brown, with a deferential nod to the balanced approach of that panel by Elizabeth Warren. … Continue reading

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