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Manzi in the Morning-Jamie Atkinson Interview

Methuen City Councilor Jamie Atkinson, Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee, comes on to talk budgets, Bruins, and solicitor searches. My thanks to Councilor Atkinson for taking the time to appear on the show. http://yourlisten.com/swf/Player.swf?id=16991170

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I have done a couple of posts about the setting of the “municipal tax factor”, and the annual request by City Councilors from around the Commonwealth to Mayors and Managers to lower tax bills by raiding free cash and reserves. … Continue reading

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Municipal Tax Rates and Surpluses

Municipal budgeting, like most everything in government that relates to taxation, has become highly politicized. And like much that occurs in budgeting those politics, in many instances, show that budgetary doublespeak is not restricted to federal politicians. Municipal budgets are … Continue reading

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Municipal Bond Tax Exemption at Risk

There has been plenty of talk about “tax expenditures” at both the federal and state levels, with all tax breaks under heavy scrutiny. One that has received a little attention, but deserves some more discussion, is the municipal bond tax … Continue reading

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Boston Foundation Report on Muni Health Care

The Boston Foundation and the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation came out with a report on Municipal Health care in Massachusetts, and the report is not surprising. The Foundation and the MTF looked at the health care plans of 14 communities (Beverly, … Continue reading

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The Unspoken Truth

Today’s Globe has a column by Sam Allis talking about what no one else seems to want to talk about, the spiraling and unsustainable numbers involved in municipal health care and pensions. Allis centers his discussion on the Mayor’s race … Continue reading

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Wilmington School Committe Nixes Teacher Contract

The Lowell Sun is reporting that the Wilmington School Committee has turned down a teachers contract that had been negotiated and was ready for ratification by both sides. While the exact terms of the contract were not made public the … Continue reading

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Governor to Cut $128 Million in Local Aid Mid Year

Governor Deval Patrick, in an address to the MMA this morning, announced a mid year local aid cut of $128 million, made against the lottery account and the additional aid account. Governor Patrick also announced that he would make no … Continue reading

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More Cuts Coming

The Governor yesterday announced to the media that the state budget remains about one billion dollars short, which will trigger a new round of budget cuts that likely will include local aid. Governor Deval Patrick said yesterday that he was … Continue reading

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Answering the boo birds

The comment section over at the Eagle Tribune is a very popular section of their online edition, with folks given a chance to comment on the story of the day and mix in praise and criticism of public officials and … Continue reading

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