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Seabrook Water and Sewer Reports 2022

I have attached the reports presented to the Board of Selectmen at the March 20, 2023 Board meeting. These reports, presented annually, cover the output, and the finances, of the Seabrook Water System as well as the Sewer System.

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The Seabrook Water and Sewer Reports 2021

The Seabrook Water report, and the separate Sewer report, are posted below. These reports will be discussed by the Board of Selectmen at the May 16, 2022 meeting. Despite great progress there is still a taxpayer subsidy going to these … Continue reading

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Seabrook Water and Sewer Reports 2020

Each year the Office of the Town Manager provides the Board of Selectmen with reports detailing financial results and other data from our Water Department as well as our Sewer Department. Those reports are below. The actions undertaken by the … Continue reading

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