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Medicare: You Reap……

Quite a thing to hear Republicans complaining about Democratic demagoguery on Medicare. It is even more astounding to hear them step up and demand that Democrats actually participate in the debate, and act all grown up and responsible. Yes the … Continue reading

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New York's 26th Congressional Referendum on Medicare?

A special election in New York State’s 26th Congressional District to fill the seat of resigned Republican Christopher Lee is heating up, with national coverage (and money) descending on a race that should be easily Republican. Democrat Kathy Hochul has … Continue reading

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The President on Medicare

The President talked about the Medicare program and the new report showing that the changes enacted through health care reform will add twelve years to the program’s solvency. The President of course is referring to the Medicare “cost cuts” enacted … Continue reading

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President Obama on Doc Fix

President Obama spent his weekly talk on the so called Doc Fix for the Medicare program. His pitch, that rules promulgated by Congress that decreased the rates paid to doctors participating in Medicare, need to be changed to prevent that … Continue reading

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Obama, Deficits, and Entitlements

President-elect Barack Obama has named Nancy Killefer to the newly created post of “Chief Performance Officer” in the Office of Management and Budget. This appointment comes on the heels of some new deficit numbers that appear to be shocking even … Continue reading

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