Seabrook Harbor Dredging Project to Begin

We have received an update on the Seabrook/Hampton Harbor Dredge project calendar. Naturally the schedule is subject to weather, but the Army Corps and the contractor are in place, with work scheduled to begin this week. This $4.6 million dollar federal project has been a major priority for our entire region, as harbor shoaling has made safe boating passage very difficult. Thanks to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Maggie Hassan, and Congressman Chris Pappas for all of their work in securing the federal money necessary for the Army Corps to proceed. The Seabrook Board of Selectmen have been actively involved in the planning for this project, offering strong and vocal support for the fishing and tourism industries that rely so heavily on the ability to navigate the Harbor. Thanks to Coral Siligato and the Army Corps, and the New Hampshire DES, who have worked so hard to make this project a reality. The below is from the Army Corps.

Dredging will begin in the Inner Harbor on the Seabrook side starting as soon as tomorrow 10/17/2019. Dredging of the Cross Channel, Seabrook Channel and Seabrook Anchorage will occur between 10/17/2019 likely through the end of December. Placement of the dredge material will be occurring first at the locations under the Route 1A Southern Bridge Abutment and then along Seabrook Beach and will continue through December. Placement at the Middle Ground Sand Flat (behind and within the existing composite sheet pile wall built in 2005), will occur approximately in the middle of November. Dredging of the Hampton Channel, Hampton Anchorage, and the State Anchorage is anticipated to occur between December through February 1, 2020 with placement at Hampton State Beach Park.

General Plan

Edit on October 23, 2019

It was great to have Senator Jeanne Shaheen in to look at the project as it has gotten started. Senator Shaheen and the entire legislative delegation worked very hard to deliver the resources necessary for the U.S. Army Corps to do this project.

Media coverage of the Dredge project.

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