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New Transportation Taxes Coming.

With Massachusetts looking at mid year budget cuts due to missing it’s revenue benchmarks, and with transportation scheduled for review in the coming month(s), it appears likely that there will be a strong push by the Governor and the legislative … Continue reading

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No Massachusetts Tax Reductions on January 1, and…..

The relatively modest reduction in the state income tax rate scheduled to occur on January 1, from 5.25% to 5.2%, will not occur, as the financial yardsticks necessary for implementation have not been met. As you may recall voters opted … Continue reading

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Tax Expenditures in the News

What more exciting subject could there be besides “tax expenditures” to write about today? I can think of nothing else that I would rather do over this weekend than study the new report from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation on Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Everybody Better Sober Up

The Democrats have won a smashing victory this past cycle, and with that victory will come great expectations. Naturally there are a whole host of issues that many Democrats feel have been neglected for the past four years, and they … Continue reading

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Republican Strategy? Help John Kerry?

A shorter post today on the seemingly intractable Republican opposition to the nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as the successor to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Both Ambassador Rice and Senator Kerry have been named as likely successors … Continue reading

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Happy 67th Birthday Neil Young

Neil Young today celebrates his 67th birthday. Nothing short of a musical icon who changes musical direction like other folks change socks, Neil is back on tour with Crazy Horse. He looked like he might be hitting the road with … Continue reading

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Local Winners and Losers

Elections always have some winners and losers that extend beyond the candidates themselves. I already posted about those bigger stage winners and losers. How about another run at it, with a more local flavor. Winners: Diana Fay DiZoglio. We have … Continue reading

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Republican Policies? Where are They?

And so the Republican hand wringing over the election continues, and you can expect some serious fighting within Republican ranks over the future of the GOP. Some great back and forth between some thoughtful Republicans, and a few of them … Continue reading

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Song of the Week- Skyfall

What else would it be this week? The new Bond movie “Skyfall” has arrived, with the new theme song by Adele, and some great and dark action from Daniel Craig as James Bond. Come to Methuen and see this great … Continue reading

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Big State Grant for Methuen's Arlington Neighborhood

Congratulations, and thank you, to Mayor Steve Zanni, Economic Development Director Bill Buckley, Under-Secretary of DHCD Aaron Gorstein, and of course Governor Deval Patrick for their support of and delivery of a grant to Methuen’s Arlington Neighborhood which will allow … Continue reading

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