The Panos Electoral Map

The Ted Panos electoral map has arrived, and the race for electoral bragging rights is on. I am examining his map, and in the spirit of trying to one up Ted I will start by pointing out that he should switch Hawaii to blue, and Alaska to red.

Ted has Romney at 254, Obama at 229, and toss-up at 55. So even a strong Romney supporter does not have him at 270 just yet. My major argument with the Panos map is in Virginia, which at best should be a toss-up. I have to say that wishful thinking aside both Nevada and Iowa are no longer toss-ups, but pretty much strongly lean Democratic. Teddy is hoping that the Obama candidacy falls down in Ohio and Wisconsin.If it does then I will be eating a lot of crow on Wednesday morning, but if not the Romney candidacy is over. I look forward to his revisions, due on Monday. Listen to Teddy on 980 am WCAP each and every morning starting at 6:00 a.m., follow him on twitter @tedpanos, and stand by for my victory dance via twitter and on the radio. Hopefully we can place a friendly wager before the windows close on Monday! My current map is here.

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