Angus King Holds On

Former Maine Governor, and now independent candidate for U.S. Senate, Angus King, has been put under a fusillade of fire from national Republicans looking to knock him off. King has been under attack for his support of wind energy, and some alleged involvement in specific wind projects that received public support. The attacks have had some negative impact, but King started with such a big lead that he continues to hold on. The survey please!

King is still showing 50% support in a three way race, a great number, and one that is below where he was before the Republican barrage of about $2 million in negative ads. Republican Charlie Summers is at 28%, and Democrat Cynthia Dill is at 12%. 10% remain undecided. I think you can chalk this one up folks. The question of where King will caucus is still open, but I believe ultimately he will caucus with the Democrats.

In the Presidential race Barack Obama is crushing Mitt Romney by a 52% to 36% margin, with 9% undecided. You can chalk that one up as well, although Maine splits its electoral votes, awarding two to the statewide winner, and one each to the winner in each of the two Congressional Districts. In the Second Congressional District the Obama lead is only 5%, leaving open the possibility of Mitt Romney gaining one of Maine’s four electoral votes.

A referendum question, which would legalize same sex marriage in Maine, leads by a 57% to 36% margin, with 7% undecided. That looks like a clear win for marriage equality in Maine!

Here is a sample of the Republican attacks on King.

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