More Chads Please- Suffolk in FLA

Suffolk University and pollster David Paleologos have just released polling from the all important swing state of Florida, with Barack Obama holding a very narrow edge in that State. From the Suffolk Press Release.

“On the eve of the first debate, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney know the importance of each percentage point in a state like Florida,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. Not only are the remaining undecided voters critical, but so are the voters of all the third-party candidates here – and there are many.”

Obama led by a 46% to 43% margin, with 7% undecided. The survey has a margin of error of 4%, leaving this as a very tight race. Minor and third party candidates are pulling about a little more than 3%, which as we learned from the Ralph Nader experience, could be vital.

Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Party nominee Jill Stein, and Peace and Freedom Party nominee Roseanne Barr were each favored by 1 percent of voters polled. One or more voters, but less than 1 percent, chose Peta Lindsay (Party for Socialism and Liberation), Tom Hoefling (American Independent Party), or Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson (Justice Party of Florida).

I guess we better get ready for some more chad counting in FLA. This is a state where the debates may make enough of an impact to actually tip the balance in favor of one candidate or the other. I would venture to say that we will see some real dollars poured into FLA by both sides in the coming weeks.

Another great job by David Paleologos and Suffolk University.

In a very important U.S. Senate race incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson leads Republican Connie Mack by a 40% to 34% margin. In that race two independent candidates together are showing 5%, another situation where a tight race will be impacted by these candidacies. (Chris Borgia at 4%, Bill Gaylor at 1%) Borgia appears to be a Libertarian, although he is not running as one. Look for some real hard hitting negativity between Nelson and Mack.

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