Elizabeth Warren Establishes Early Lead

A new Boston Herald poll released today shows Elizabeth Warren widening a lead on Scott Brown, going up by 7 points, 49% to 42%. As I pointed out in my last post on this race it appears to me that Warren is simply beating Brown to the punch across the board, especially with her message of holding Wall Street accountable and protecting the middle class. In the all important category of independent voter Scott Brown holds a 53% to 37% lead, which is simply not enough for him to win this race. Brown continues to cherry pick votes where he tacks center, including voting with Democrats to end a Republican filibuster of Richard Cordray as head of the newly formed federal Consumer Agency that Elizabeth Warren helped to create. Brown, in taking some of these votes, may dampen enthusiasm from the Republican base.

Scott Brown has always tried to walk a bit of a fine line, but the Elizabeth Warren campaign is going to make that very difficult for him. My evaluation of this race remains: Leans Democratic!

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